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Few wellness professionals have business training or experience when they launch their practices. Often, any business training they receive, when studying for their professional credentials, is insufficient. The result is they waste time, money and energy trying to figure things out themselves. Also, some struggle to move forward due to limiting inner programs.

If you're experiencing this yourself, help is on the way!  The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Programs include classes and training opportunities to support you in learning what you need to know to establish a strong foundation for your business and applying this knowledge, so you can move forward with ease and joy.

The Art and Science of Client Attraction & Enrollment With Ease
and Joy

Learn proven, practical, effective strategies for engaging and enrolling clients, and how to use these strategies in aligned, inspired, creative ways.

This is part of Spread the Love and Prosperity: An Empowerment and Pay-It-Forward Campaign for Coaches, Therapists and Wellness Professionals.

The mission of this campaign and workshop is to empower wellness professionals to develop thriving client bases and more consistent, growing revenues, so they can really shine their gifts into the world for the well-being of others and the planet.

If you join The Prosperous Healer™ community by signing up for The Prosperous Healer™ e-zine before September 30, 2018, you will receive a  a $30 discount code for the workshop.

The proceeds from this workshop will go to the Inner Arts Collective, to support its mission of bringing health, energy and personal development opportunities to our communities and the planet.

For more information about the workshop and to register visit this page.

If you are on Facebook, please take a few moments to share the event page here with any naturopaths, psychotherapists, coaches and other wellness professionals you know.   Thank you!

The Prosperous Healer's Path™: How to Create a Financially Thriving 

Business While Serving Others
and the World

An Online Self-Study Course

Through this high-value, transformative, online self-study course, you'll:
  • develop an awareness and understanding of the core, hidden mental and emotional pattern and 10 sub-patterns at the heart of most wellness professionals' challenges with client attraction and financial growth in their businesses and how to heal these patterns;

  • learn three essential client-attractive business/marketing approaches and how to apply them to bring in clients and create consistent revenue in your business;

  • experience connecting with your Sacred Self to clear limiting inner patterns and activate your business's Divine Design, the blueprint for success with ease and joy that is inherent within you; and

  • receive help in integrating what you are learning through downloadable notes, coaching exercises and other tools.
The course is divided into ten main modules with video segments of 15 - 30 minute durations.

"Talk about clarity, insights and concrete information about how to be the best you can be and grow your wellness business!"

                                                        - Christine Ball, The Rock Spa
"Amazing!  I gained so much from this offering and am excited to apply these ideas to my business."

                                                        - Annette Parker, Subtle Energies

"I deeply appreciate that this course addresses the practical nuts and bolts of business building and also the fact that our thoughts and emotions can affect how business unfolds ... that, plus ways to resolve these issues."

                                                        - Shawn Gallagher, Childbirth Joy

Course Price: $97

Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with this course, I'll refund your money in full.

100% of the net proceeds from this online course are donated to Water First,
a charity devoted to creating sustainable water solutions for First Nations communities, so they can have clean, safe drinking water.


10 per cent of Anam Turas' annual net profits are loaned
to small business entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Thank you for supporting my mission to help build an economy based on wellness, love, joy and service!


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